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Simon XTi Features

Modular and extendable allowing you to add what you need.

  • Interactive Home Security
  • Two-way Voice Communication
  • Home Automation
  • Mobile Monitoring
  • Video Monitoring
  • Energy Management

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The following are the most current annual statistics and the percentages above the last decades common norms.  These numbers grow daily so contact us today.


Burglaries are more than just a hassle. They result in often unrecoverable property loss and insurance claims. Statistical estimates reflect over 3 billion dollars was spent on insurance deductibles alone.

Home Invasions

Home invasions are scary and can leave your loved ones scarred emotionally.  These incidents are growing at an alarming rate.  The only defense is a well thought out security system. One press of a panic button and help is on it’s way.

House Fires

A house fire can destroy some if not all of your property and belongings. Sentimental items can never be replaced. The faster emergency teams know about the fire the less damage to everybody and everything involved.


The most valued in your home are the people in it. Nothing can possibly replace a loved one. Whether from fire, burglary, invasion, accident or assault protecting your family is paramount.

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